If you are looking for work-from-home opportunity, let me tell you that you are perfectly at the right place. Here, we share with you 10 Legit Online Jobs to Work-From-Home.


You might have had many questions in your mind.
How can I make money online?
How can we earn money online?
Are there real online jobs?
What are legitimate online jobs home?
How do you search for a job online?
Well, every work-from-home enthusiast goes through these ordeals.
In fact, things become difficult as finding online work-from-home jobs isn’t easy at all in the crowded online world.
Moreover, the real challenge lies in finding “legit” online jobs with no fees.
Although there are thousands of online jobs which promise a lot of money the fact is that not every online job is legitimate.
There are thousands of scam websites which can leave you frustrated.
Some of you even might be tempted to join the blogger bandwagon and start their blog.
However, let me tell you that over 90% of bloggers never make even $100 from their blogs.
So, if you don’t have a product and use your blog as a promotional tool, it can get quite hard to make good money out of blogging. Plus, blogging demands a consistent effort on your part. So, you need to devote much of your time, if you want to make handsome money out of blogging.
Moreover, there are a lot of people who look for easy money.
In fact, most of us look for the much needed extra income to manage our expenses and fulfill our needs.
There are scores of students, retired people, moms, even working professionals who want to make money online.
So, are you the one looking to make extra money by doing easy and real online jobs?
Well, as I promised, the post is meant for you.
You don’t need to waste your time looking for legit online jobs.
We have done the hard work and picked out the best legit online jobs to work-from-home.
Here, is the comprehensive list which features ten legit online jobs to work-from-home.
You will get to see many legit online work-from-home opportunities that pay you for your time and work.
Well, you can also be the one who can earn money in your free time by doing these legit online work-from-home jobs.
It can be a reality for you and not just a dream.
So, simply read on for more details.
List of Best Legit Online Jobs

10 Top Work-From-Home Jobs

Let’s get down and see the list of authentic and legit online jobs that pay for your hard work.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and earn money online. By being a freelancer, you tend to offer services in which you are proficient. You can set your own service menu, price, and target market of clientele. Freelancing can turn out to be a permanent source of income for you. You can find tons of online jobs requiring freelancers.
There are various freelancing jobs that you can do online such as freelance writing, data entry work, web developer, graphics designer, social media manager, managing emails, proofreading, researcher, etc. You can take the help of various freelancing sites which post plenty of jobs on a daily basis. Examples include upwork.com, freelancer.com, 99designs.com, etc.
Freelancing Work-From-Home

2. Online Tutoring

If you are having a good academic record, or have an inclination towards teaching, then you can earn good money by tutoring students online. The trends for online tutors have increased these days as people prefer to learn from the comfort of their homes.
Online tutoring offers real online jobs, and there is no fear of scam businesses that can rob your money. It’s one of the perfect online jobs to earn money working from home. You just need to have teaching skills.
Here are some sites that help you get started with online tutoring:
• Tutor.com
• BuddySchool.com
• Nettutor.com
• Instaedu.com
Online Tutoring Work-From-Home


3. Virtual Assistant

The requirement for virtual assistants is ever on the rise with so many businesses operating completely online. Nowadays, many online businesses need virtual assistants to help them out in becoming organized and completing their day-to-day administrative tasks.
In fact, Virtual Assistants work as independent contractors and help clients in various industries by providing technical, creative, and administrative services. Virtual Assistants usually operate from a remote location such as their home or office.
Virtual Assistants take up tasks such as composing and responding to emails, writing and creating content, creating and distributing business-related documents, responding to media and business inquiries, and much more. There are a number of virtual assistant jobs available at sites such as Zirtual.com and Upwork.com.
Virtual Assistant Work-From-Home


4. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs or online data input jobs are very popular for making money online. Nowadays, most of the businesses need workers to enter various data into their systems. Usually, the data is used to track inventory or shipments, measure performance, or create business plans.
So, data entry becomes a very important task for most businesses. As such, businesses are ready to pay a good amount for data entry jobs.
The best thing about data entry jobs is that you can work from home and on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. You just need to be proficient in typing skills.
You can find numerous data entry job postings on sites such as Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, and SimplyHired.com, as well as many others.
Data-Entry Work-From-Home


5. Fiverr.com

Fiverr site provides an online platform where you can sell literally anything. It can be a logo creation, creating a tagline for a website, article writing services, website designing, updating blog plugins, keyword research, video editing, link building, create a jingle, and many more things.
Fiverr prices start at $5 per gig. However, you can create packages, as well. It’s the best place for starting earning money by online jobs. It offers a safe and legitimate way to earning by doing online jobs from home.
Fiverr.com Work-From-Home


6. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mturk or Amazon Mechanical Turk offers legitimate and real online jobs opportunity to work-from-home and make extra income in your free time. If you are looking to earn additional income, then Amazon Mturk can turn out to be a great website as it offers simple chores that you can easily do in your free time. It is one of the best ways to make income by doing online jobs.
Mostly the clients are from the USA, and so you can expect good payout at Amazon Mturk for your work. The payout usually starts from $0.20 to $5 for jobs. You get scores of easy to do tasks on the Amazon Mturk website such as visiting a website, completing a survey, translating a script, or writing an article. The best part is that most of the jobs are easy to do and can be done in just a few minutes.
So, there is easy money waiting for you at Amazon Mturk. The tasks are pretty simple to finish. Plus, you neither are required to have any expert skills or prior experience for making money online at Amazon Mturk. For instance, you can video transcribe for $3. You can complete surveys at $1 each, or else you can write a product review for $2.
Signing up is free on this website. However, ensure that you belong to one of the accepted countries out there; otherwise, you can’t withdraw your money. The money you earn at Amazon Mturk can be used to shop from amazon.com.
Amazon Mturk Work-From-Home


7. eBay

eBay provides one of the best ways to earn money online. In fact, eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce company established in 1995 and engaged in giving top notch services to its users.
eBay provides you a platform wherein you can showcase and sell your stuff to potential buyers. So, you can earn money on eBay by selling your things.
eBay has millions of international buyers that are eager to buy stuff of their interest.
For example, if you are good at creative crafts, you can list them for selling it on eBay. You can even browse popular items on eBay and create similar stuff to make money online by listing them on eBay.
You simply have to come up with a product that you can list and sell on eBay. Come up with a friendly description about the product to easily attract the attention of people to buy from you. Finally, upload it on eBay and start making money.
eBay Work-From-Home


8. SoftwareJudge

SoftwareJudge provides an online platform wherein you get paid for writing software product reviews.
You must have used some software to get things done, and in the course of doing so, you must have gained a good know how about its features as well as pros and cons.
With SoftwareJudge, you can utilize this knowledge and write reviews to earn extra money online. You get paid for writing every product review whether it’s a good one or bad one.
Share your experience that you had using the software. It can be a positive review if you are satisfied with the product, or else a negative review if you are not satisfied at all. The result being that you get paid for writing product reviews.
The good thing is that you can earn up to $50 per every software review that you write. Creating an account on SoftwareJudge is free. So, go ahead and start writing software reviews for making money.
SoftwareJudge Work-From-Home


9. Microworkers.com

Microworkers.com website provides a platform that is quite similar to Amazon Mturk. As evident by its name, Microworkers site provides micro jobs and you are paid once the tasks in your hand get completed.
They provide easy-to-do tasks such as sign up and filling up forms, forum participation, rating various videos, writing articles, etc. You can earn a few cents by simply signing up, commenting on a blog post, or even by following someone on Twitter.
You can place a withdrawal request once your earnings on Microworkers site reach $9. You can transfer the money to your PayPal or bank accounts.


10. PickyDomains

PickyDomains site provides you an opportunity to work online from home and get paid. It’s a place for legit online jobs with no fees.
At PickyDomains you can earn money by suggesting domain names or slogans. So, if you find yourself good at coming up with catchy domain name ideas or slogans for online businesses or websites, then PickyDomains is for you.
You get to earn a decent amount of money by creating unique domain names. You have to check available orders at PickyDomains and submit suggestions that are suitable for client requirement. If your domain name is picked up, you get paid by the client.
You can earn from $20 to $50 once the domain name is approved by the client. You get paid within 14 days once the payment request has been submitted. Registration at PickyDomains is free.
PickyDomain Work-From-Home
So, these were the 10 Legit Online Jobs to work-from-home. They certainly cannot make you rich overnight but can add the extra income that you always wanted to have for yourself. So, use your free time in the best possible way and increase your earning by doing these online jobs from the comfort of your home.
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